List of Cloud Computing iPhones Apps

If you’re looking for a way to manage you’re Cloud Computing this Christmas, here’s a pretty comprehensive list of all the apps from generic monitoring to providers own. You can find them all in the iTunes App Store (I didn’t take the time to link all of them, search by name in the app store and you’ll get it).

I’d like to ask, what features do you want in your mobile Cloud Management apps? We’re working on one in Digital Mines and would love to hear user feature requests.

Management Apps


  • iAWS Manager
  • S3 Cloud
  • Cloud-IA
  • iEC2Cloud
  • Mobile Scale


  • Netzumi


  • iXCP
  • iXenLite


  • Rove Virtual Machine Manager
  • OPS1

Monitoring Apps

  • Cloud Status
  • iStat
  • iPRTG
  • Host Monitor
  • Server Density
  • iSysInfo
  • Network Utility Pro
  • Net Status (Remote Server Monitoring)
  • Pingdom
  • AWS Watch
  • AppFirst
  • iCacti
  • Server Remote

Providers Apps

  • Rackspace Cloud Pro
  • Rackspace Cloud
  • Linode Manager
  • Softlayer Mobile Client
  • Savvis Station Portal
  • Cloud Server Management (1&1)
  • GoGrid
  • DreamAdmin (DreamHost)
  • AppEngine Manager
  • Server Admin (Plesk)
  • SliceHost Pro

General Infrastructure

  • myServers
  • iSSH VNC
  • Server Control


  • DNS Simple


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  1. 1 vanessadaugherty63 April 8, 2016 at 11:00 am

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