I define BrandMe as the business, ideological, and subject matter that people associate with me when thinking about certain topics, or when my name is mentioned. Everyone has their own ‘BrandMe’, it’s about how you control it, propagate it, and utilise it that matters. I’ve decided this web site is a good place for me to centralise my BrandMe.

What BrandMe means to me:

Personal Data Store

I want to be able to store my thoughts on-line, I want to write down some of the things I talk to my colleagues about, and some of the things I think about while reading the news or blogs. We all do this – I have notes in Moleskin pads, in folders full of paper, in Word docs, in Notes and not written down at all. So I want to centralise all these notes, so in the future I can reference back to them. What better place to do this than on my web site?

Public Repository

This site is meant to be a repository of my ideas and comments on business, technology or media matters. It is not meant to be a blog that builds a regular readership, I am not a blogger or a media-type, so I am not trying to build BrandMe to get speaking or writing gigs. I believe putting these posts on an open, publicly accessible site, is a great way for anyone to find out more about me. I always want to know more about people I meet – so this site is a response to a need I see for business people in general to address.

My SoapBox

I think it is important to have your own soap-box from time to time. Even if I never need it, the fact that I can, from my personal perspective, make comments on topical issues, is worthwhile.

BrandMe – The Specifics

What do I want to achieve then with this ‘BrandMe’? I want anyone interested to know that I am excited by new business and technology companies and ideas, that I am out and out a Hosted IT evangelist, that I’m fascinated by the move to Enterprise 2.0 and Cloud Computing. I don’t want to be one of the people that write about these things, I want to be part of the change. I think Hosting365 has the people, the passion and the platform to ‘change the world’ in IT, and that’s exciting!

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